These options may help your business, but they will help Alberta.

Free 30 second ads. We are offering ANY Alberta based business free advertising. Alberta business has been hit hard enough, and your Sponsorship dollars allow us to keep this advertising program going. Each business receives up to 4 free 30 second ads. To acknowledge your contribution we have a promotional recording mentioning friends of Alberta Business should you wish to take advantage of it, or you may remain anonymis. All done through a phone call. For more - click here

Your 30 second Thank You message to "Alberta's First Responders". Or 30 second thank you message to "Alberta's Essential workers". All done through a simple phone call.

We are happy to be releasing several different regularly scheduled programs in the near future. Each will be promoted significantly through Social Media and obviously by those directly impacted. Additionally, where applicable, we have an Email and SMS program to connect with specificly targeted listeners on an ongoing basis. For EACH show we will require:

        * Show Sponsor

        * Inbox Sponsor (email)

        * Text Line Sponsor

        * Focus Group Event

Additionally, there are opportunities to offer prizing or contribute to prize acquisition to increase and impact listeners for a number of Promotions, Contests, and Community Service directives. Promotions & Contests are easy, and we think you get that. But something special we are working on is connecting with a number of grocery stores across Alberta. At this time so many Albertans are challenged with just basic survival. We think using the checkout clerks and their experieince in identifying the different clientelle, they will be able to select for us those who could use a help up and not a hand out. Instantly they get passed a note saying their purchases have been paid for with a letter from our station. It is our hope to do this across the Province. Sometimes as little as $30, $50, or $100 makes a huge difference especially to a hungry family.

But we are not limited there. Where Albertans can use a hand up is limitless. Whether we are being sneaky like the grocery store, or in person on location we will be heard, and we will make a difference. Your assistance will help us help more Albertans.

Some businesses need something more concrete for their advertising dollar. With luck we were able to acquire already, some technology that allows us to find specific types of buisnesses all across the Province and indeed around the World. 

       * Create a email contact list for a specific business type you have as prospects.

       * Build you a customized App to help communicate with your customers via SMS and regular updates.

       * Place a banner linked to your website on our website/App when and where is suitable.

Lastly, we offer our Sponsors/Advertisers the opportunity of a Business Profile. A recorded interview in 12 minute segments to share with our listeners who you are and what your business can offer them. We will air these Profiles on the weekend as part of a regular rotation. Obviously the nice part of this type of thing is record one time and replay again and again. Frequency will be determined by the number of participants.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Kirk - 780-289-2761


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