Why Vote

If you don't take the time to vote now, when is a good time to make the changes you want?

We aren't sure why the appathy when it comes to voting. Maybe because there is a feeling that their voice doesn't matter, won't change the outcome, will never make a difference.

And that's where you come in.

We believe that the Public needs to be reminded that they make a difference. Their opinion and beliefs make a difference. And that it is their civic duty and one of the more sacred responsibilities each Adult has not just to themselves but to the future. And in making that decision they are responsible to be aware of the issues and examine each platform themselves. But our voice alone won't make a difference. 

We are asking you to take a minute to consider the answer to this question and call in to this number and leave a message with your thoughts on the question. And we will take it from there.

877-515-3064 box #1

"Hi, this is (your first name) from (your city/town)... and I believe it is important to vote because....."

A minute or two with your thoughts and simply hang up when you are done. Your voice will make a difference.

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