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The purpose of our Business Profiles is connect our listeners to Brands, Products, Services, and People in hopes of generating sales, interest, and awareness. We do this by creating an engaging conversation about your Business and what you offer. At the end of the Profile, we hope to have presented enough information in such a way that your name/brand comes to mind easily by building up your reputation in our listeners. Hopefully your tone, and ease of communication can start the Prospect process for your Business.

How would you introduce yourself to new clients? What would you tell them about what your Business has to offer? Would you spend your time talking about the People and qualifications of your employees? The types of services you offer? Maybe your level of service? Or how about the experience you have in delivering a specific service?

With the right script, we try and cover all the important information in 12 minute +/- clips. Typically, we can do all of the recording right from Zoom or Skype, so you never have to leave the office. However, in certain circumstances we can also do the recording at our studio. Wherever we record from, the most effort is in creating the script so you sound and present yourself as a Professional in your field of expertise.

Ok…so we have the recordings. What next? will schedule each series of Business Profiles at least once a week. It will be part of our regular schedule, normal schedule promotion, regular facebook promotion…basically we will spend our time and money telling people we are airing these Business Profiles and when. But to do any real good, we also learn from you who your targeted Clients are. Armed with this information, we will then contact potential clients on your behalf and invite them to learn about your business just by tuning in to the show.

Additional components for promoting your Business, include participating in contests and on & off air promotions. Activities such as trivia hunt, 3 questions, and more will drive traffic and awareness to your website by participants. But those are just a couple of activities. We have many more. But overall, after we go through our check list and your Business Profile script, once your recording is done, your work is complete, and the rest is on us.

30 Minute Profile (2 x 12minutes)

60 Minute Profile (4 x 12 minutes)

Upgraded Promotion     Website Banners, App Link, Promotions Package

There isn’t much more to tell. Listenership and traffic we think is quite good from across Alberta and North America and will get better and even higher numbers very shortly. But random people don’t typically make specific customers. Our target marketing becomes the tool to get one to several dozen specific Prospects for your Business to tune in. They just won’t be alone when the Prospect comes to visit.

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