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On Thursday evening, simply gather with your team. In sequential turns, your team will get a piece of a song from each of our eras. Once it plays, simply text in your answer. If you are right with the correct song title, you get 5 points. Right with the artist, you get 5 points. If you are wrong, the next team in order has a chance to steal. But regardless, you can answer every song just for fun via text.

All you need to play is a device you all can listen to - for example a computer, or tablet. You can even be connected to your TV or smart speaker. And from there, you need a cell phone to text in the answers. Only one designated cell phone can answer/text in.

Our show runs for about 2 hours and gets started at 8pm sharp.

During our testing/development phase, this game is completely free. Each week we will be adding different fun features until our game is as fun as our LIVE performances. So, try us for free, by signing up now.

Our job is to entertain you, amuse you, confuse you, and make you crazy wanting more....and when the game is all done...well, its done...what more do you want?


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