How you can have your opinion heard.

This will make a difference.

#1.  You can call 866-619=3702, hit #1 for the right voice mail box and simply leave a message.

#2. Use your phone to record a message and email it to us

#3. Email us your thoughts, opinion, and possible solutions to

#4.  Text us at 877-515-3064

#5. and lastly, during a show, call in to 866-619-3702 #6.

From Your Perspective

Share your thinking


There is so much anger and so many different points of view somewhere we have to get an understanding.

I would like at this time to invite you on air to discuss why you support a specific Party or Leader. No name calling, just facts and how and why you decided and continue to support them.

In your message please identify who you support and the best time/day to contact you.

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