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Notley & Kenny and the PC's before them, did so much to improve our Education system.


Hope for Albertans

A message of hope for Albertans.

Today and tomorrow looks pretty bleak. Municipal Election, Federal Election all seem to bring us to nowhere new. Nowhere, where there is a promise of jobs, financial security, opportunity. Not even a byline in a platform that secures our children’s futures. And all we have to weigh in on is our complaints and which is the lesser of two evils.

But here and now I promise you, there is something better coming.

Like most of you I have seen first hand, the devastation caused by the actions or inactions of our Politicians. I have shown up at homes in Alberta with a packing container sitting in the driveway. Sitting in the garage was the husband/father whose wife has left him taking the children. I’ve seen the look in his eyes while he pondered what was next for him now that he has lost his house, his job, and most importantly, his family. I can only imagine what caused the wife to be pushed away from her husband and the father of her children. The stress, financial hardship, and the breakdown of the family unit.

I have gone into Hospitals and seen the long lineups, the nurse shortages, and the seemingly overwhelming impact COVID seems to have had. And you know what – it breaks my heart to hear the lack of hope our young people have for the future. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

But there is something better coming along very soon.

In order for there to be change, it will take work. It will take Albertan’s bringing forward the best that we have. The best in terms of effort, the best in terms of drive and desire, and the best we have in our morals and ethics. And most importantly it will take a concentrated effort to actually fix the issues not just bandaid them or push them under the carpet. And it will take the Government keeping its grubby paws out of our pockets while we fight to survive.

But we can do this. We can bring back the hope for tomorrow. We can work together collectively knowing the difference between right and wrong. We can bring back family values and community strength of conviction. And most importantly, we do not have to wait 20 years to get there.

Alberta, there is hope for tomorrow.

Help us by identifying the issues and looking for real solutions, and know you are not alone.

Hope For Albertans

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